busy busy…

Sory for the silence…been busy re-vamping my website. Which of course means lots of time coding…..lots of tearing hair out and lots of cursing!

Why does it never work just as you thought it would?!? but then again does anything ever work out just as we thought it would lol

Managed to get a little crafting in the last week and added some Egyptian themed items to the site. Do go and have a look and see what you think…

Hand Stamped Egyptian themed rustic gift wrap available now! Go see!…


London & The Ghost Bus Tour

Credit where credits due!

Yesterday was my sons 14th birthday, so we headed into London for a day out. Any parent will know how much fun (!) it can be going for a day out with kids….especially teenage kids. But, I have to say, despite a few huffs puffs and eye rolls the day was good. We visited The British Museum, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, M&M’s World, St James Park and the grand finale….we took a ride on The Ghost Bus.

Wow! Such fun! So much so I just had to write a little waffle on how much we enjoyed it.

The bus is a black double-decker which has been vamped up inside to have velvet curtains, padded faux leather trimmings, and some seats with a little table and desk light. So cute! The bus takes you around famous parts of London, with your conductor telling you stories of gruesome murders, ghosts and haunted buildings, and tales of Londons rich and bloody history all in a dramatic and theatrical way. It was short, dark and highly entertaining!

I don’t want to tell everything you see on the tour as it would ruin the fun for those of you who are toying with the idea of going. But we heard about The Cock Lane Ghost, Greyfriars Christ Church, The Cross Bones Graveyard and the Charing Cross Trunk urder. Not to mention famous Kings and Queens and some of their gruesome ways.

So overall I highly recommend doing this! Great way to kill an hour and half in the early evening in London. Check out their website here 🙂

necrobus - the Ghost Bus Tour
The Necrobus – The Ghost Bus Tour, London
Tower Bridge at Night
Tower Bridge at Night

The fam

Sunday slow down…

Glorious weekend spent stamping, glueing, cutting, sticking, creating, tweaking and singing my black heart out!

I do like to play my music LOUD while I create ;p

So new hand-stamped wrapping paper going up this evening, followed by a few new One off cards.


Skull Star Gothic handmade greeting card by Lilactwist Designs
Skull Star Gothic handmade greeting card by Lilactwist Designs
Pentagram Handmade card by Lilactwist Designs
Pentagram Handmade card by Lilactwist Designs
Sugar Skull hand-stamped gift wrap
Sugar Skull hand-stamped gift wrap

What do you think?!? Like them?!?

Let me know x

All these and more can be seen on Lilactwist Designs website. Go check it out!


Back in Stock

So been busy stamping again, I just love these hand stamped wraps. Who wouldn’t be super chuffed to receive a present wrapped in one of these beauts!?!?

Check them out here – http://lilactwist.com/oc/wrapping-paper


Fueling the dark side

Handmade Gothic greeting cards
3 One Off greeting card designs by Lilactwist Designs

In amongst all the daily chores and the tweaking and fiddling about with my website (which I’m currently re-building) I had a sudden urge to sit down and create. So I did just that. These probably won’t be on the website for a day or two as I am back at work and busy busy busy but I thought I would share with you my new beauties.

Gothic Birthday card by Lilactwist Designs
A handmade One off Gothic birthday card.
Just for You - Handmade card by Lilactwist Designs
Just for You – Handmade card by Lilactwist Designs
Gothic Handmade card by Lilactwist Designs
Beautiful handmade One Off greeting card by Lilactwist Designs.

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Creative burst…


3 Handmade Steampunk Greeting cards


It seems that Steampunk is hugely popular at the moment so I thought I would get crafty with some of the Steampunk craft bits I had accumulated. 🙂

Clockwork Heart - Handmade steampunk card by Lilactwist Designs.
A beautiful central panel with a mechanical heart with wings adorns this handmade card. The background paper is printed with mechanical cogs and the edges have been stained to give an aged vintage look. The whole thing is finished with a deep red panel with an elaborate flourish patterned centre strip. Perfect for a birthday, wedding or any other special occasion!



More can be seen on the website here – http://lilactwist.com/oc/index.php?route=product/category&path=83



Stamping the night away…


Currently working on a special order of 5 hand stamped Raven wraps for a friends daughters birthday. Once this is done I will add some more to the site so watch this space!✌️

Three new One Off designs just added!

IMG_9863     IMG_9844    IMG_9848


Cute eh?!?

All hand coloured, aged and stained to give that vintage feel. Only one of each available so if you like them go grab them here! –

Lilactwist Designs One Off cards

Lucie x


Back to it!

So, the last few months have been long and slow as I recovered from a rather prolonged ailment. So apologies for the silence and lack of posts or new designs, my time has been spent regaining my strength and health.


Valentines has been and gone and look what beauties I created this year!

Handmade Gothic Valentines cards by Lilactwist Designs

They soon got snapped up!

I’m currently working on some more One Off designs which should be up very soon. Meanwhile, there are still some gorgeous special one-off cards available on the site right now. Just like this beauts…


Perfectly Purple Handmade card by Lilactwist Designs


Lysa – Gothic handstamped and coloured card by Lilactwist Designs

Let me know you were here and I’m not just talking to myself lol

Lucie x




September Sun

Beautiful day here today, so much so that I couldn’t resist sitting in the garden to eat my lunch after a hard morning gardening.

But afternoons are made for crafting…..and today I managed to come up with some rather lovely pieces. Here’s a sneak peek….


and another…


Gotta love playing with glitter and skulls 🙂

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Adios x