Lilactwist loves….Skulls

So the internet is a wild and wonderful place, minutes can turn into hours, and a simple search can bring up some most surprising results. To have the ability to find out answers to questions or seek out your fellow tribe is a blessing, and the talent out there is just mind blowing. This week I have been spending much time planning and looking for unique Christmas present ideas so thought I would share with you some of my findings.

This first ‘Lilactwist loves…..’ post is based on Skulls. Enjoy! And dont forget you can see all the other dark and unique findings over on my Pinterest board here.

Click on any picture to take you straight to the maker or supplier 🙂

Individual Skull teapot by WWCeramics UK…..available on etsy 786c0cd4ce3960bcc5c133a0fbce8759Gorgeous eh! Make an ideal Xmas pressie for sure.

Skull Anatomical Cushion Cover made with Glow in the Dark material! by LilMissWednesday


Black glass Sugar Skull tumblers by Nemesis now


Skull and Rose wall plaque by April Slaughter


Want more inspiration?!? Then follow us on Pinterest here! x

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 13.13.05


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